cutest scene in Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

*Pretty Woman Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Jason Alexander - Director: Garry Marshall - Rich businessman meets hooker with heart of gold, love happens.

18 choses que vous ignorez peut-être sur « Pretty Woman » Richard Gere & Julia Roberts

Sur l'affiche du film, la tête de Julia Roberts a été superposée sur le corps de la doubleuse Shelley Michelle.

Pretty Woman!  My favorite scene in the movie...needed no words whatsoever!!

# 156 – Pretty Woman

Richard Gere has told Julia Roberts that he never this scene."He sleeps".then she wakes him and they have passionate love.well in the movie

Julia Roberts - Pretty Woman, 1990 I've wanted that outfit since I was three i guess :)

Pretty Woman introduced many a young girl to the fabulous shopping possibilities at Rodeo Drive.

"Pretty Woman" The movie poster has Julia Roberts' head superimposed on a curvier body double's body: L.A./Hollywood as a kind of illusion...

"Pretty Woman" - 1990 - Julia Roberts - ) Actor and Producer and Richard Gere - ) Humanitarian and Actor - Garry Marshall, Director---every little girls fairytale ending!

Pretty Woman

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Pretty Women ~ Vivien at the polo match. I even bought a dress like thus and can still quote half the lines!

Pretty Woman (1990)

Wanted a brown polka dot dress ever since Pretty Women ~ Vivien at the polo match. I love this movie and that one phrase " I don't use him for his money I use him for Sex.

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