25+ Quotes for Sarcastic Bitchyness #quotes #sarcasm #comebacks #humor #sass

25+ Quotes for Sarcastic Bitchyness #quotes #sarcasm #comebacks #humor #sass

Yep. If I had known the truth then there's no way I would have apologized to you. Fuck you.

And the shark is no longer swimming in the same pond you dumb bitch!

Pretty basico shit Honey | And...You Were Saying??? | Pinterest

Bitch I'm fabulous

This is so true. Def makes me laugh each and every time.

Keep on Hating and Keep making Me Laugh at Your Stupid Ass. I've never done a thing to make you hate me but yet you've fucked me over too many times to count! Now karma is catching up to you sweetie.

There's levels to this shit!

Keep talking shit, I'm where you wiser you'd be

Oh, hello. Bitches don't know who they are. Fake personalities built around other's likes.

Barbie Bitch setting the record straight.

Barbie Bitch, the sarcasm is strong with this one. Lol ;D LO

Can you please speak English ,bitch


Marriedd To That Money , The Cash Became My Daughter , 💲

Hott dittity dawg!

Nate and preacher Todd smart men !

Morticia    ......

Darling I'm a lady, a dark twisted one, but still a lady !

Unless you feel they pertain to you. ~ princessdiana1209

I pin whats in my feed. as I have said on my boards my pins pertain to nobody in particular but if it fits lace that bitch up and wear it!

Fashion by Zodiac Sign... #Gemini is like leather & lace, soft & edgy, chic & casual, flirty & fierce... two extremes.

Naomy_Kiluti on

Cancer zodiac yet leaning for the libra one

Bahahahaha yeah bitch please who you trying to fool ha just ya damn self

So true tho ;

No fucks given...

Say it to my face sweetie otherwise sit your flatass down

When you realize you too cute to argue with an ugly bitch..

When you realize you too cute to argue with an ugly bitch. wanna talk about ugly coming from an ork.