Succulent Plant Purple Echeveria by SucculentOasis on Etsy

Succulent Plant Purple Echeveria Perle Von by SucculentOasis. Etsy dealer with tons of succulents including multi plants to make a dish.

purple succulents and cactus

A Succulent Oasis at Sherman Library & Gardens

A purple, silvery-edged terrestrial bromeliad - Dyckia cultivar [Family: Bromeliaceae]

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Life Finds A Way: 25 Plants That Just Won’t Give Up

Purple succulents...

ABC das Suculentas

35 Indoor And Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas Succulent wreath with how-to directions Succulents, so beautiful!

Succulent garden - Echeveria.

Last Friday I visited Succulent Gardens in Castroville CA for their big extravaganza. There were excellent speakers scheduled, and since I.

I think this is the wedding color palette. Purples, greens, aquas and a little peach.

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I have no green thumb when it comes to plants but these colors are awesome. 15 Misc Echeveria Mixed Succulents Pots Great for Gifts and Wedding

aeonium zwartkop - sun (of course) succulent

Aeonium 'Blacktop', Black rose, Black Beauty, Black Tree Aeonium - for my office