DIY PVC yurt. Concept could be applied for larger structures (larger pipe) instead of renting tents for thousands.

PVC Yurt

pvc 'yurt' (tent) made with 24 x 45 degree joints, 24 T joints, 32 x pipes, 8 x pipes and 8 x pipes. apparently it all packs down into a snowboard bag! (or any bag, really) Let's build our own ducking circus tent!

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Turn your yard into a shaded summertime haven with this outdoor playhouse tent tutorial!

15. It would be perfect reading nook or play house for kids.

20 Easy PVC Pipe Projects for Kids Summer Fun

20 Easy PVC Pipe Projects for Kids Summer Fun- Also Socker goal, Bike rack, sprinkler and more.

always get four in case of error since they’re only about $2 each.) 10 – 90 degree elbow joints.  We bought a contractor 10 pack for $2.35 a...

Build a PVC Pipe Play Tent/Fort

Build a PVC Pipe Play Fort or Tent Works great! Definitely need 4 pieces of PVC!

DIY teepee. Would be fab for an outdoor lawn party made lots bigger & filled with a rug and floor cushions

Make a Fun Reading Nook! Here's a free tutorial for this Pottery Barn Inspired Kid's Collapsible Teepee. I would use a drop cloth and let the kids paint designs on it first


20 Easy PVC Pipe Projects for Kids Summer Fun

How to build a tent for the kiddos.

Great for the kids - DIY collapsible pup tents - wood strips, pvc pipe, twin flat sheet

pvc frame--outdoor room

pvc frame--outdoor room--might do this at the end of the outdoor kitchen to provide more room for seating. Can be dismantled and put away for winter.

Neat idea but I'm thinking, turn the cubes around to face in, completely cover the PVC to make a tent and make a reading nook!

DIY PVC Children's Grocery Store {Tutorial

DIY Children's grocery store - would be cute for a reading corner or play kitchen. reminds me of how my granny greer and I set up our play store.