Keep Fighting Like Your Life Depends on it Because it Does!! One Gets Older but Wiser though it Starts to Hurt OH the Pain Please Take Care of Yourselves it Can Get Very BAD!!! Trust ME I KNOW!!!!

To get-get on Saint Peter's list But you need to lower your standards. Rat a tat tat rat a tat tat tat HEY It's never getting any better than this!

Did u know that in rAt a tat Patrick sings I'll check in Tom Morris if I don't wake up dead which is in the Beginn of alone together

save rock and roll has double, it's got "going down swinging" and "until your breathing stops ~forever~ ~forever~" and yes those squiggly lines were necessary

ah, a walk through my notes from late at night when my heads a little more not right than it is during the day

// one more off-key anthem/ let your teeth sink in/ remember me as i was not as i am

"Pete, fricking stop with Pokemon Go already."

Wow Patrick in the background is like "wut" <<< with a mixture of "eye eye capt Pete get me more coffee pls Pete I just woke up"