Reading Interest Survey - find out what they like to read!

Reading Interest Survey- Good way for teachers to assist students in choosing appropriate books during independent reading time.

FREE Reading Interest Survey to get to know new students

Two versions of a reading interest survey are included (a boy version and a girl version). The survey is typically used at the beginning of the school year for teachers to get to know their readers.

adorable student survey (back to school!) Pencils and Magic Wands

First Days of School // Student Interest Survey. I like this concept, though I would add more E/LA-based questions -- including genre based questions, process based questions, self assessment/ability based questions, etc.

10 Ways to Motivate Your Readers

Engaging Reading Interest Survey Activity {Free}

Engaging Reading Interest Survey Activity {Free}

These reading interest survey task card freebies are a great way to get to you know your students as readers. Play SCOOT with these cards or do a gallery walk. Read more and grab the cards on this post.

Learning About Your Students - Reading Interest Surveys Worksheet Wednesday

DAY 16 Reading Interest Inventory Knowledge of students' major areas of interest will help you select appropriate instructional strategies.

First Day of School: Ideas and Lessons to Get You Started

First Day of School: Ideas and Lessons to Get You Started (Ashleigh's Education Journey)

Whether you are a new or veteran teacher, planning for the first day of school can be a bit overwhelming. Planning is much easier when you’ve developed your routines, procedures, and you know what to expect from your students.