Recipes using fruit pulp from juicer

10 Recipes to use your leftover juicer pulp. Breads, pancakes, crackers, yogurt, sauce thickeners, etc...

101 Ways to Use Juicer Pulp (Okay, Actually Just Ten

The by produce of fresh, homemade juice is lots of pulp. Don’t throw it away! Mix it into smoothies for added nutrients. Use it to make delicious breads. Spread and bake into Raw Juicer Pulp Crackers. Mix it into batter for savory dinner pancakes.

I bought a juicer but what to do with the pulp? Make Juice pulp crackers, of course! I will be trying this soon :)

Juice Pulp Crackers – Ingredients pulp vegetable/fruit pulp from juicer ¼C chia seeds ½C chickpea flour water

Don't throw away leftover juice pulp; use it to make fruit leather... i have never heard of this but i have a juicer so worth a shot!

5 Ways to Use Leftover Juice Pulp

For Fruit Leather: For every one-cup of fruit pulp you have, add one to two teaspoons of honey or agave syrup, then add water until you have the desired consistency. Put the fruit mixture in a dehydrator, or dry in the oven.

20 Creative Uses for Leftover Juice Pulp: 1. Compost It. 2. Worm It. 3. Broth It. 4. Broth It, Veggie Style. 5. Sprinkle it on top of your pet’s dinner for a healthy treat. 6. Egg It. 7. Cracker It. 8. Smoothie It. 9. Make Carrot Halwa – a traditional Indian dessert. 10. Gravy It. 11. Leather It. 12. Powder It. 13. Bake it. 14. Soup It. 15. Breakfast It. 16. Ball It. 17. Meatball It. 18. Spread It. 19. Freeze It. 20. Pop It

20 Creative Uses for Leftover Juice Pulp

20 Creative uses for leftover juice pulp. We just got the juicer 2 days ago and already have SO much leftover pulp. There's some neat ideas here.

Juice pulp bread. Don't throw that good fruit/veggie pulp away after juicing!

Leftover fruit & veggie pulp from juicing? One-Bowl Juice Pulp Bread or Muffins Recipe

Things to do with the left over pulp! Awesome! I always feel so wasteful when I juice

My Best Tips to Make Juicing For Beginners Simple

Recipes and ideas of how to use your leftover juice pulp after juicing. You will be surprised how many ways you can make use of the wonderful juice pulp!

I juice a lot and am always looking for ways to use the pulp. Here are a few good ideas -- 7 Ways to Use Juicer Pulp via The Kitchn

7 Ways To Use Juicer Pulp

Between our new juicer and our intensified effort to curb food waste, we have been searching for good ways to use the leftover pulp from juicing. Though it tends to be dry and lacking in flavor, the pulp has lots of fiber and it seems a shame not to eat i