Sums it up...if they stick around. "Friends" drop off during recovery....

I'm glad I have friends who have never had to go through a serious addiction, I would never wish it on anyone. But it is tough to talk to those people when your first recovering because they don't understand how it is.

When someone in the meeting goes wayyyyy overboard... #recovery #humor

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The Few. The Brave. The Courageous. The Clean. The Sober. ✌️ #thesoberlife…

Dumb ass stupid ugly gold digging brainless fat cunt just like the older one just with less brain n more stupid! Why encourage the dumb ass to stay after all that? because you both digging gold whores


If I had heard stories about narcissist and sociopaths and how they work I might have seen the signs sooner.I didn't know this could happen

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Working on the steps is crucial in maintaining a high quality of sobriety. Reading the text and answering the questions really make you look at yourself and life in a deeply enlightened way. It really works!