Road to Avonlea, I feel better already. Escapism at its most soothing.

Ever need to escape form the world, turn on a Road to Avonlea episode. The philosophy I live by.

Road to Avonlea

Sarah's aunts, Hetty and Olivia (Road to Avonlea) - I love both of these characters. oh wait, I pretty much love them all!

Keep Calm & Watch Road To Avonlea! Oh my goodness this was meant for me!!! yes yes favorite ever show!! :D

Keep Calm & Watch Road To Avonlea! I looooooooooooooove Hetty King

Janet and Felicity King from Road to Avonlea. :) Love this show. . .

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Road to Avonlea. Loved that show when I was younger :)

Alec King reminds me of my dad. Loved him in this show and his beautiful singing voice (my dad sings well too) and love his singing "All through The Night" in 'Thursday's Child'.

my fav couple when I was like ten.I still love them though Felix King Izzy Pettibone Road to Avonlea

Felix King and Izzy Pettibone. Road to Avonlea - Wish she was in the movie and they were still together. Felix is so handsome in the last season and especially in the movie!