Robert De Niro in "Taxi Driver", 1976

Robert De Niro in "Taxi Driver", 1976 -exactly what my husband looked like for our first few years together

Did you know Robert de Niro has joined #Facebook just this fall? :)

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American actor, director, producer TriBeCa Film Festival founder property investor and restateur, Robert de Niro

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Robert de Niro, was cool but not now with the release of his new movie Dirty Grandpa.

Robert De Niro......A young Vito......

The Godfather Part II - Robert De Niro as (young) Vito Corleone

Robert De Niro: | 21 Actors Who Experienced The Prime Of Their Life In Truly Beautiful Ways

Robert DeNiro would play Rodrigo, because he has an older look to him that Desdemona may not be attracted to therefore he cannot win over the girl he wants. I imagined Roderigo having a nerdier look to him as well.

robert de niro • for @Vidya Prabu

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Robert De Niro

Along with a Doctor of Fine Arts degree awarded by New York University in Robert De Niro also accepted an honorary Doctorate at Bates College in