3d printed titanium prosthetic leg. This would make so many kids proud to wear their prosthetics. Awesome level = 100

3D printed Exo Prosthetic Leg by William Root

The "Exo-Prosthetic" created by William Root, is a printed artificial leg made from laser-sintered titanium, which uses a scan of the wearer's truncated limb for fit, and a scan of the intact limb for form.

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her right arm (half-way up her forearm) is robotic after she survived a terrible car crash that killed her little brother and greatly injured her mom (Hilda)

Amputee Gamer Gets Metal Gear Solid Inspired Prosthetic Arm

Amputee Gamer Gets Metal Gear Solid Inspired Prosthetic Arm

Amputee gamer gets metal gear solid inspired prosthetic arm - FunSubstance

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i'd want a gold one, and with detachable plates, and comms, a built-in flashlight, aw heck just make it a gold cyber-punk robotic smart arm

Scott Summit - 3D printed prosthetic leg

Industrial designer Scott Summit makes beautiful prosthetics

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Bionic hand: Bertolt Meyer ● Touch Bionics

Age: Thurso, ScotlandOccupation: FirefighterClinic: Fitted at Touch Bionics UK Centre of ExcellenceProduct: i-limb ultra

www.Prensilia.com Location: Pisa, Italy Focus: Anthropomorphic robot hands for research

Startup Spotlight: Prensilia Developing Robot Hands for Research, Prosthetics - IEEE Spectrum

...Thanks to RSLSteepe and its bebionic3 myoelectric hand, Ackland can now tie his shoes, crack eggs, and even use a keyboard and mouse. It’s all controlled by the user’s upper arm, where muscle flexes can trigger the limb...

Terminator Tech: Cool New Prosthetic Types, Ties Knots and Cracks Eggs

Honda's humanoid robot, ASIMO.

Honda's ASIMO Robot Is Now Surprisingly Human [VIDEO]

Robot Suit - Robot Technology

The brains at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan have unveiled their air-pressure robot suit, with the long term goal of aiding the.