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Alberta Ferretti Resort 2011 Fashion Show

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From the HBO series Rome: Calpurnia

Rome TV Series - Season 1 Promo // This is how I imagine Rowena Ravenclaw

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I chose this pin because is depicts what a woman would have typically worn during the time of the Greek and Roman gods. I included clothing because clothing and similar things are an example of culture.

Were you meant for another time?

Test: What Era Do You Belong To?

grecian..  [the contrast would be phenomenal]

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True to historical prototypes, Looking both Greek and Egyptian, Angelina as Cleopatra - Thats a WOW

Minimalist Architectural Attire

mod-e-boteh: “ Greece Fashion Week: Some photos from the ‘Olympia’ photo series which was inspired by goddesses in Ancient Greek mythology. Photographer - Paco Peregrin Source: (X) ”