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Rook Piercing Information and Inspiration Guide with 21 stunning rook piercing images. Information on rook piercing pain, healing, price, cleaning & care.

3,555 mentions J’aime, 33 commentaires - Maria Tash (@maria_tash) sur Instagram : "An epic of opals - styled with @mariatash earrings by our friends in France @Ehawee. This…"

This earring from Maria Tash features three spikes of white opal and ball granulation that add interest and length to an otherwise simple clicker ring design. An earlobe or cartilage piercing displays this piece to best effect, letting the spikes catch th

Similar to what I want. Left: industrial daith conch and three lobe right: 3 helix rook tragus 3 lobe

Industrial rook lobe triple anti-tragus tragus forward helix cartilage conch

“Allllright so I think I'm done. just got an outer and forward helix done today (one on each side cuz apparently I don't wanna sleep comfortably the next…” Industrial rook lobe triple anti-tragus tragus forward helix cartilage conch

Venus by Maria Tash -- 1/4" Plain Ring (Rook) | Rook Jewelry | Ear Cartilage | Jewelry

Maria Tash offers her famous clicker design in a classic no stone option. This solid gold ring is perfect for those who want a seamless and simple look in their cartilage, including tragus or ear head (forward helix). The clicking mechanism makes it e