Working together in a team is something that I find rewarding, as it is exciting to use everyone's individual strengths to reach a common goal. I pride myself on being a good leader as well as an effective team member.

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Resolve to do whatever is needed to break their desire to endure the pain required to finish first.

I don't deserve anything. I have to earn my seat everyday. #rowing #crew motivation

Cambridge University Boat race Training Camp

Crew members carry a boat to the water during the Cambridge University Boat race Winter Training Camp at the Banyoles Olympic Rowing Lake on January 2011 in Banyoles, Catalonia

This is a great photo showing how your shoulders follow the angle of the oar at the catch ... But your head is still in line

Canadian Child casts have a lot of pulling power they often have been set out from abilities of measuring the future probabilities, casting, + seeing some areas of ability.