Belle and Rumple - 6 * 1 "The Savior"

Tнιѕ мaĸeѕ мe нappy,мelт ιnѕιde, and ѕad all aт тнe ѕaмe тιмe. Happy вecaυѕe нe ιѕ REALLY тryιng тнιѕ ѕeaѕon, мelт ιnѕιde вecaυѕe нow мυcн нe loveѕ нer, and ѕad вecaυѕe oғ нow тнιѕ ѕcene ended.

You can literally see his hope in the first picture and then his heart being stomped upon and breaking into tiny little shards and pieces in the last one! Poor thing! If he'd only knew!! Can we all take a moment to think back on how evil Regina actually was for a long time Rumbelle Once Upon A Time

He thought Belle was trying to destroy him, yet he would've welcomed her back if she didn't have a home

You know I just noticed that if Rumple is Neal's dad, and if Rumple is dating someone, that means Belle could possibly end up being Neal's step-mom.

Neal : 'Who's Belle?' Emma: 'Your dad's girlfriend' - "The Miller's Daughter" HAHA Neal's face

I love that Gideon was given the chance to live a real life with his real family. Belle, Rumple, and baby Gideon "The Final Battle" 6x21/22

Will the Rumple and Belle relationship survive? It’s been one of the many burning questions ever since it was announced that Emilie de Ravin would not be returning as a series regular — while…