What If Sableye Subspecies Were Based on Different Gems? - The Pyrite one freaks me out, man

god my childhood MA CHILDHOOD FAV this made my fav color purple and I tried eating a rock one time

Amazing amazing amazing Sableye evolutions. Sableye –> Quartzis –> Diador Ghost / Dark Source. Artist: Kevichan

this as the title states is a re-do of my dark evolutions for Sableye. Sableye is one of my favorite Pokemon and I have always wanted to see an evolutio. Sableye Evolutions Re-do

We did not get regular Sableye evolution,but we got Mega

Fanart of Sableye that evolves it into the Mothman or the Flatwoods Monster.

Pokémon - Sableye, Give Me That!

Sableye, Give Me That!

Umbreon protecting two little eevees ...  eevee, umbreon, murkrow, houndoom, mightyena, sableye, skuntank, shiftry, poochyena, pokemon

Umbreon protecting some eevees, anyone wanna roleplay this? I'm eevee 1 // Eevee 2 is open // Umbreon is The Divergent Giraffe // Any bad guy is open // Boss leader that's Mightyena in me