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ibuzoo: “ light-in-the-cave: “ ibuzoo: “ “Sacred Twenty-Eight pureblood families + family mottos ” ” Abbott - Love conquers all. Black - Always pure.

The Sacred Twenty Eight

The Sacred Twenty Eight

Urban Tantra; Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century

Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century by Barbara Carrellas & Annie Sprinkle

Church Music Association of America - public domain hymns

Twenty-four Questions on Sacred Music

The “Sacred Twenty”: The Navy’s First Nurses | Navy Medicine

navyhistory: On 13 May the Navy Nurse Corps was established. This group photograph of the first twenty Navy Nurses - “The Sacred Twenty” - was taken at the Naval Hospital, Washington, D.

Sacred Twenty-Eight pureblood families: Longbottom, Macmillan, Malfoy, Nott, Ollivander, Parkinson

Sacred Twenty-Eight Pureblood Families: Longbottom: Humility Kills Pride / Macmillan: You Are Our Tomorrow / Malfoy: Purity Will Always Conquer / Nott: Of Sound Mind / Ollivander: Fortune Favors The Brave / Parkinson: Either Kill Or Be Killed