Sadie song

Undertale Mettaton EX, Napstablook, Bratty and Catty, Dress Lion, Temmie, Shyren, Alphys

Undertale Mettaton (part - The lyrics are from a Steven Universe song for anyone who doesn't know

undertale---Mettaton EX and NEO, Frisk

Undertale Mettaton >>>>>> that did not go how I thought it was going to now I'm sad

I saw them in sadies song but at first I was like WHY IS SOUR CREAM IN A DRESS but then I realized, that is a girl. Then I realized she's with another girl then I realized, she's WITH another girl AND A SON OMGGG

//How did not notice this before?<-- I noticed them in Sadie's Song but aaayee! I didn't know they were all in one!

Steven Universe - Haven't You Noticed ( I'm a Star ) [ Sadie's Song ] pt. 2 - YouTube

Sadie becomes too overwhelmed and stressed out to perform during Beach City's Beach-a-palooza and so Steven takes her place.

Beach City Bugle: Drawing Things Out #154

A new sneak peek of next week's episode was just released! Watch it, after the break!

I'm A Star || Complete MAP - YouTube|| Ok I thought this was pretty cool, especially when they used Sadie's song from Steven Universe

Never forget, you're a star It's done aaaaaaaa! My first completed MAP!