Queen Beryl, Mistress 9, Black Lady, Queen Nehelenia, Sailor Galaxia, and Moon Princess ^_^

Sailor Moon Villains / Galaxia, Queen Beryl, Queen Nehelenia, Black Lady and Mistress 9 surrounding Princess Serenity

Sailor moon villians! #Fanart #SailorMoon

So many sailor moon villains! I just noticed why is there a lot of girl villains?

I really wish this group of villains had more time.  They could have been outstanding.

The DD Girls, Youma no. and Including some of Queen Beryl's high-ranking Youma, they appeared in "The Sailor Senshi Die! The Tragic Final Battle".

Queen Nehelenia (#Dead Moon Circus)

Queen Nehelenia Dead Moon Circus Queen Neherenia Reina Neherenia Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Yume Sailor Moon Dreams Sailor Moon Super S

SAILOR MOON (MANGA) - Queen Beryl (Human) by JackoWcastillo.deviantart.com on @deviantART

SAILOR MOON (MANGA) - Queen Beryl (Human) by JackoWcastillo.deviantart.com on @deviantART

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