Santa tracker for kids

reindeerhotchocolatediygift Will change this up into a Sven Reindeer (from Frozen) and use it as one of the children's gifts in their thank you bag.

Easy DIY Gift for Kids - Reindeer Hot Chocolate

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Official NORAD Santa Tracker - see where Santa is as he travels the globe (fun way to teach the kids a little geography on Christmas Eve)

Official NORAD Santa Tracker This is one of my favorite things ever! Kudos to everyone who makes this Christmas magic possible.

the INSPIRED creative ONE: 10 Ways To prove Santa EXISTS!!

the INSPIRED creative ONE: 10 Ways To prove Santa EXISTS! Read all the comments too, great ideas to make Christmas magical

NORAD Santa Tracker ~ Where is Santa Today? FREE site to track #santa #journey #norad

NORAD Santa Tracker

Want to find where Santa is in his journey for FREE starting Dec. check this out!

Mrs. Claus' Christmas & Holiday Fudge & Candy Recipes (tons of yummy looking recipes on this website)

This is THE BEST Christmas website! Dozens of recipes, letters to santa, games, toys, etc

Norad Santa Tracker : The History of NORAD, Google & Santa [Infographic]

New NORAD Santa tracker app adds to Christmas Eve fun

Amazingly, the NORAD Santa Tracker program began because of a Sears ad typo in a newspaper on 12.24.1955. Sears was a running Christmas ad, which included a phone number for kids to call and find out the whereabouts of Santa. However, the telephone number printed in the ad was incorrect and the phone calls went to the Colorado Springs’ Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Center - See more at:

The Santa Tracker tradition started with this Sears ad, which instructed children to call Santa on what turned out to be a secret military hotline. Kids today can call HI-NORAD to talk to NORAD staff about Santa's exact location.