My bro and my dad used to play that song like crazy. Since then i started to listin to it better now like the song.

Sublime – Santeria Lyrics santeria lyrics so cool video so comment or rate xD and watch my other video! SanteRia By Sublime xD NOTE: I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC. Music came from the respective owner.

Sublime - Santeria ( Music Video )

"Well, life is too short, so love the one you got." - Bradley Nowell (Sublime) "What I Got"

Santeria- Sublime  (Oh many times did I play this one back in the day? Sweet, sweet memories...)

If your itchin for a feel good song that puts you in a loving mood this bands collection of songs will do it for you. Bradley Nowell (lead singer) has an outstanding voice that i personally envy.

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music of course! it all depends on what type of music you like. i find reggae rock to be the most helpful for me when I need to relax, it's upbeat. (i like a band called sublime)

i hate these stupid "keep calm.." things but i thought this was pretty funny

usually i don't like the "keep calm and." but THIS one was a sublime exception to that rule :)

Sublime - Santeria

Sublime - Santeria