Scandinavian almond of my favorite things for a Chistmas home

Have you ever had the pleasure of indulging in a slice of Scandinavian Almond Cake? So sad. So unfortunate.

Make this wonderful Swedish almond cake in a Swedish cake pan and it will look like it took you hours to prepare!  (Note:  This recipe can be temperamental.  Make sure that you do this when weather is consistent, not too wet or too dry for best results!)

Traditional Swedish Almond Cake Slices

Marzipan biscuits with walnuts and chocolateThese are just the right side of chewy for me, and couldn't be any easier to make. I like to use almonds that still have their skins on for that nutty, rustic lo

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Scandinavian White Bread

Scandinavian White Bread

Scandinavian White Bread: Reason why I want to try it - they recommend throwing it from head height onto the floured surface

Cheesecake in a pressure cooker? You bet! This cake improves with time, so make it the day before you plan to serve it.

A savory matzo farfel casserole is packed with onions and mushrooms and seasoned with rosemary and garlic for a traditional Passover favorite with a new twist. You want to make it all year to serve alongside any meat dish.

Cinnamon Bread & Almond Loaf Pan | Nordic Ware

Cinnamon Bread & Almond Loaf Pan- Red

Cinnamon Bread & Almond Loaf Pan | Nordic Ware

With sour cream to promote exceptional browning, and a blend of butter and coconut oil for a rich crumb that melts on the tongue, this pound cake deviates from the traditional formula in a most delicious way.

Sour Cream Pound Cake

A well-made pound cake is tender and moist, with a golden crown that splits right down the middle all on its own—no special tricks or techniques involved.

Pine needles and candles in a vintage bread pan.

Candles & greenery in an old bread pan. Pinner said: I bet a stainless steel "mud" tray from Home Depot would work, too! - Home Decorating DIY