Inforgraphic Stress - Don't freak over Finals - tips for students

25 Study Infographs With Tips and Tricks To Help You Get Good Grades

for seniors, it's the month of graduation, but for the rest of the collegiate classes it's finals time! Here's a handy infographic to help. High school & college/university professors, please take notes.

Something terrible happens. Foster curiosity in children. >>> yeah, it's called life amd theres barely anything we can do about it

yeah it's called homework, stress, social interactions, teachers and going to school everyday for 13 years

The stress is starting younger and younger these days, too. What the hell.

I hate school

You KNOW something's wrong with the education system when people hope for disasters, fake illness, getting hit by a bus or death to get out of school

I fucking hate when adults complain about teenagers. - Yes. They act like they have all the experience, which they DO have more, but if they waste their time denoting our stress as if they deserve to complain more than we do, they're more childish than anyone.

This is so true it makes me sick just thinking about having to go back to hell (school) tomarrow

Effective Study Tips for Stressed High Schoolers {Hilfe im Studium|Damit dein Studium ein Erfolg wird|Mit der richtigen Technik studieren|Studienerfolg ist planbar|Mit Leichtigkeit studieren|Prüfungen bestehen} mit ZENTRAL-lernen. {Kostenloser Lerntypen-Test!| |e-learning|LernCoaching|Lerntraining}

Don't get too stressed high schoolers! Check out these tips to help lower your stress level before going to school!

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A study just found that high school and college kids these days experience the same amount of anxiety and stress as the average psychiatric patient did in the 1950s.   This is terrifying.

Someone from Guildford, England, GB posted a whisper, which reads "A study just found that high school and college kids these days experience the same amount of anxiety and stress as the average psychiatric patient did in the This is terrifying.

@ my parents (they always think they know exactly how 'hard' school is bc they've been through it but they don't believe me when i say it got fucking harder)

Also, the teachers use that same excuse at they had to do work just like we do, but they don't realize that back then their work wasn't as hard bc teachers had different curriculums.

I. HATE. SCHOOL. Some people are just so fortunate, and have a pretty good school life..

These may not be the actual search suggestions but this shit couldn't be sadder. Teens and adults are literally contemplating suicide or have gone through with it because of how stressful school is<<“school makes me want to commit” is real

"Stress level: Troy choosing between singing and basketball."

51 Pics Guaranteed To Make "High School Musical" Fans Laugh

People these days are so terrible  I swear. Why can't we go back to like the early 2000s??

this is why im so stressed rn. I hope my teacher lets me do it at lunch and not class time omg. she knows I have social anxiety so-<<<the pe thing isn't always true, I was hurting bad one day in pe and they would not let me sit out.