Thousands of years ago 3% of the population were sent on a generation ship to outer space, in agreement with the world peace treaty. No one knows why the certain 3% were chosen specifically. Clare's friend

scifiarchitect: “Nate Hallinan Concept Artist - Finisher - Matte Painter – Share via Artstation iOS App, Artstation © 2017 ”

Fragged Empire (A.K.A. Games) • Black Book Editions

spaceship bridge inspiration, from: Fragged Empire, Tabletop RPG by Wade Dyer — Kickstarter

Nicolas Ferrand (Canada) via @Curioos by #Nicolas Ferrand.

Ship 07 by Nicolas Ferrand who in an Art Director/ Senior concept artist for Steambot Studios

Space helmet. Like this, except with Iron Man display sort of stuff and a mask over of the nose and mouth.

love the helmet. I wish I could see the rest of the suit! -Pilot by Jae Keum/ future/futuristic/military/ suit/ concept

Jakub Różalski | Jakub Rozalski *

::equipment from a former age, left to rust and molder:: ArtStation - 1920 - retired veteran, Jakub Rozalski

ArtStation - Favela 8867, Albert Ramon Puig

artissimo: “favela 8867 by albert ramon puig Creative Essence ” / sci fi city / smog / dark future / cyberpunk / futuristic technology / digital art