I don't work in a restaurant any more but this is making me crazy just reading this. I was the server that would put their super hot plate of food on top of their silver ware.

Server problems- or forget what they ordered, so you stand there while they say "no I had bacon, you had the sausage" "no I had brown toast" "well so did I!" FUCKING HELL JUST TAKE THE PLATES!

Community Post: Poor Tippers Need To Understand Reality

Poor Tippers Need To Understand Reality

Poor Tippers Need To Understand Reality.oh and don't steal my pens either b/c I have to pay for those. My restaurant doesn't give them to me for free!

Just When You Think You're Done

Just When You Think You’re Done

Ways to increase your tips as a server!!! Great ideas!!!

13 Tricks For Getting Higher Tips When Waiting Tables

Just so you know you should always tip a waitress! Like it says at the bottom "if you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to go out to eat." I have had many people tell me they think everyone should work in a restaurant at some point in time.

Tips. However, if the service was bad, not necessarily the food, but the service, then that tip might be a penny. Once had a waitress hit on my husband with me sitting there. That bitch didn't even get a penny.

When you’re juggling four different hot plates at once. | The 21 Best Server Memes On The Internet

The 21 Best Server Memes On The Internet

When you're juggling four different hot plates at once.- annoys me when my hands are full with plates and customers expect me to finda space on the table full of their phones, glasses cases, keys, and drinks.move your shit assholes

When customers try to order out of turn...

We keep a tight eye on our rail and know who's next. Don't crowd yourself in & start yelling out drinks.

Daily motivation (25 photos)

Daily motivation (25 photos)

The image represents my present because I love to spend my free time watching comedy movies. This image connects to "The Joker" of my play personalities because I always find the best movies to make me laugh so hard.