Shattered glass - interesting shaping created by the varying size of smashed pieces

Shattered glass - interesting shaping created by the varying size of smashed pieces

12 High-Resolution Shattered Glass Photoshop Brushes for Free

12 High Resolution Shattered Glass Photoshop Brushes

As I peered at my shattered reflection, a dark hatred filled my heart. It spread through my veins and set me on fire. They would regret the day they dared to defy me. They would regret the day they challenged the evil queen. -Makayla Abbink

She had no face. Just a mirror reflecting the world surrounding her. A mere reflection. She looked up into the shattered mirror and flinched. It reflected something in her and made her recoil. She quickly turned and walked away.

When we are in the midst of challenging situations&life takes a downward spiral & everything seems to fall apart it is hard to make sense of it all.The pain & suffering can be intense,resulting in depression, resentment,anger,guilt & shame.We feel resentment if we feel wronged by another person & we blame him/her for the pain they have caused us.Or we blame ourselves with guilt& shame of how bad of a person we are. So we judge others or ourselves, reacting mechanically & unconsciously…

"As she fell backwards, the pieces of mirror exploded all around her like raindrops, and the blast from the breaking mirror tore a hole in the roof and knocked down half of one wall.

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tattoo idea: broken pieces of glass (small, itty cartoon ish drawing) to resemble "we're broken people"

Find out how to safely create custom shattered glass brushes in Photoshop for some smashing design ideas! | Difficulty: Beginner; Length: Quick; Tags: Brushes, Adobe Photoshop, Brush Tool, Textures

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She was mad. That's all; she didn't know she possessed that type of strength. She figured she would break her hand, not the bullet proof glass.

Image Writing prompt - "That was bulletproof," she stared. "When has it ever worked to lock someone in a glass prison," I just rolled my eyes.

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