Sheldon being... Sheldon...

Sheldon Cooper being Sheldon Cooper.

This is my tea! Then why are you telling me? It's a conversation starter. That's a lousy conuersatlon starter! We're conversing, checkmate.

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Bazinga! in ball pit - funny every time!

I love the ball pit scene-Hilarious! Every Bazinga from The Big Bang Theory (seasons 1 to

alright how long till the sherlock fandom gets here???? <---- GRAVITY YOU BITCH YOU ARE THE ONE WHO TOOK SHERLOCK AWAY FROM US!!!!!!!!!!  Answer to your question: not long at all.

When someone falls…

When someone falls… Gravity thou art a heartless bitch Lol too funny sheldon (Big bang Theory)

Dump A Day Life Lessons I Learned From Sheldon Cooper - 24 Pics

The Life Lessons I Learned From Sheldon Cooper – 25 Pics. Favorite scene ever "I'm batman!