Make a BEAUTIFUL glitter sea shell frame this summer. It's such an easy summer kids craft!

Glitter Sea Shell Picture Frame

Make a BEAUTIFUL glitter sea shell frame this summer. It's such an easy summer kids craft! (How To Make Slime With Dawn)

Adorable Shell Crafts - turn your beach finds into these super cute Crab Fridge Magnets

Shell Crafts - Crab Fridge Magnets

Art: These Seashell Craft ideas are a great way to preserve those special holiday memories. Turn them into Ladybugs, Rainbow Shells, Birds, Fish or Mermaid Necklaces. You can even show the kids how to Grow Crystal on Seashells as a science experiment.

I've loved making these since the kids were little, but never thought of dying the shells - kind of a Caribbean feel

Easy DIY Wind Chimes Ideas For Homes And Gardens. how to make wind chimes at home with beads, cds, and keys.wind chime tutorial step by step

Clam Shell Critters

Summer is beach time and the kids will have a great time turning in those clam shells they collected into these Clam Shell Critters.

Summer is the ideal time to gather sea shells and barnacles. These materials that nature has generously given us , can be used to make incr...

50 Magical DIY Ideas with Sea Shells

Pallet Art Natural Shell Skewed Heart Wall Hanging Rustic Shabby Chic Seaglass Sharksteeth Nautical Seashore by maliakalikina

Living in a coastal city means that there is always the opportunity to go to the beach and collect shells. This year, I’m making several differently styled orna…

Haha! After seeing this Christmas idea, I will never look a seashell the same way again!

Egg Shell Splat Canvas Painting

Egg Shell Splat Canvas Painting

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Sea turtle from shell and sea glass

Inspiration: turtle canvas made by Kristina Gavigan- painted canvas with real sand added then turtle made out of glittered shell and sea glass pieces

Preschoolers and even older kids will love this simple and colorful seashell jellyfish craft. We have a huge mason jar filled with shells from some of our previous family vacations that I’ve been eyeing up for some craft ideas. I decided to turn some of our vacation shells into some colorful jellyfish! Follow the easy tutorial …

Seashell Jellyfish Craft For Kids