... a story for this, though the kid is a girl and the imaginary friend is trying to pursue a romantic relationship (despite the feelings being one-sided/the fact that's impossible.)

Imaginary friend stays with kid through childhood and adolescence. Person starts complaining about it around In early-mid twenties, person is admitted to mental institution and diagnosed with schizophrenia and imaginary friend fights to stay

the person was my little sister. She emptied our families nightmares that were caught, trapped between the webs of our dream catchers. Every night I would here her screams echoing down the halls. I wanted todo something but there was nothing to do. So every night I lay there, her horrified shrieks pounding in my ears. In the morning I would give er a sympathetic look and she would smile and wipe away the tears. That was all before the nightmares got to intense. She died, later that…

Im the nightmare emptier. The horrible things I've seen.who could be have such horrible dreams? The reason I am the one whose job this is, is because I cannot dream. I cannot dream nice dreams or terrible ones. (Get Him Back Writing Prompts)

Writing Prompt - Use the lyrics of your favorite song as the basis for a short story.

Use lyrics of your favorite song to write a letter to your parent/child. A good get to know you activitiy The Sarcastic Muse Writing Prompts: Photo

( what if the kid could see disorders like depression and anxiety like creatures sitting on people's shoulders, and he starts helping them)

Writing Prompt ~ For as long as you can remember, you've worn eyeglasses. Your parents always made sure you had them on and you formed the habit. One day, you forget them and you realize you can see something no one else can.

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20 Six-Word Stories that are heartbreaking. I have another, Ernest Hemingway wrote one that actually made me cry..."For Sale: baby shoes, never worn."

20 Six-Word Stories That Are Absolutely Heart-Breaking. #7 Gave Me Chills.

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