Signs of lying

telltale-signs-someone-is-lying I am one to pay attention to body language and I often know when Im being lied to...I just don't always let on I know! Tim Dillivan u do all of these.

Telltale Signs Someone Is Lying [Infographic]

How To Spot A Liar [INFOGRAPHIC] ~TA: Interesting . a lot of it is true, though hard to assess. I think they are wrong about liars not looking you in the eye. There are often other reasons someone won't look you in the eye. A liar is jus

Micro-Expressions have always fascinated me!! | The Psychology of Lying

The Psychology of Lying

Psychology infographic & Advice This infographic takes a look at what happens in our brains when we lie -- and h. Image Description This infographic take

Signs of an emotionally abusive relationship. #DomesticViolenceAwareness #DomesticAbuse #WhyILeft

Signs of an emotionally abusive relationship, which can include toxic relationships with friends & family members.

...  7 signs of the Narcissist Hypocrite and the people they prey on. -you get duped into thinking you are overreacting or that you are the one causing the problems - this is classic narcissistic abuse. This is exactly the way the abuser wants you to feel.

Stop Trying

I used to think I was overreacting but I think was just a normal reaction too an abnormal amount of bullshit (if the things that bother me to don't matter to you, then you shouldn't be here.


Recovery From PTSD After Narcissistic Sociopathic Abuse: 13 Signs

Common Symptoms of Sociopathic Personality Disorder. #Psychological #Disorders #hawaiirehab

Common Symptoms of Sociopathic Personality Disorder - wow! Lying and having no remorse or guilt. What a sad, miserable life. MICK to a TEE.