Migraine Triggers Infographic....

Do you know your Migraine triggers? Note: Not sure if there is such thing as a trigger - the chicken or the egg. Migraines could all be repressed anger.

Crazy Because I'm Dizzy - The Stigma of Vestibular Migraine

Katherine shares her fascinating and seldom-heard perspective on the disease that took over her husband's life: vestibular migraine, or, the dizzy monster.

Silent migraine - nothing to be silent about>>  another article here: http://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/109751/headaches/what_are_painless_migraine_episodes.html       >>   It's important to know this. Many people have silent migraines, or migraine sans pain

Silent migraine - nothing to be silent about. This website has a lot of detailed, helpful information about migraine causes and treatments.

Foods That Trigger a Silent Migraine

Foods That Trigger Ocular Migraines

Ocular migraines are migraines that affect vision. An ocular migraine generally starts as a blind spot in one's peripheral vision that increases over time.

Eye migraines – symptoms of eye or silent migraine and what to do about them.

Eye migraines – symptoms of eye or silent migraine and what to do about them.

Outsmarting Triptan Packaging  ----  When migraine makes you clumsy or reduces the strength of your grip, opening triptan packaging can be unbelievably frustrating...

Some of the most common silent migraine symptoms are speech disturbance, migraine aura, vision changes and others.

I deal with migraines and would love to know what I can do naturally to ease them. This site does have some very good ideas.

Diet headache migraine – food can help end your migraine headache pain!

Misdiagnosis and almost two decades later, I was rightly diagnosed with Silent Migraines.  I was virtually a hermit for several years due to triggers & Dr's still trying to figure things out.  This is a great write-up on this woman's story in the UK.

'Silent migraines' may not give a headache can be even more shattering

Rachel Paskin, from Aldridge, has suffered from migraines for almost 30 years but rarely has a headache.

Vitamin D for migraine headaches - "A study presented at the American Headache Society annual meeting in 2008 found that some 42 percent of people with chronic migraines have Vitamin D deficiency. Another study in 1991 found that people with too little Vitamin D may be at risk for pain that isn’t relieved by most pain relievers. This may explain why some people find migraine relief when taking Vitamin D."

Learn how natural remedies can help prevent migraine attacks and ease migraine symptoms, including dietary supplement, herbal and more.

Acephalgic or Silent Migraine - The Basics

The term Acephalgic Migraine or silent Migraine refers to any type of Migraine where no headache is present, but the migraineur still has the other symptoms.

Silent migraine

Some migraine sufferers experience silent migraines, that have many migraine symptoms, however the head pain is absent.

Silent Migraines: Symptoms, Causes, Tests, and Treatments

What Are Silent Migraines?

A silent migraine can have symptoms of any phase of a migraine -- but without the classic pain around your temples.