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ELEPHANTHigh Risk One of the largest beasts of the animal kingdom, an African elephant has a thick trunk, big legs, long tusks, and giant ears! - Selection from Learn to Draw Animals [Book]

baby elephant with balloon sketch | Mother and Baby Elephant Drawing

Elephant holding a balloon - symbolizes my first performance ever, an elephant in the kindergarten circus and the balloons my grandmother gave me at each opening night performance after going out on stage with my zipper down, that say FLY UP!

drawing of baby elephant

What a Wonderful Story : Wendi the Elephant Inspires “Christmas Fostering” at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust With Endearing “Adopt Me” Video

Simple Elephant. This one's my favorite.

Elephant Sketch Canvas Reproduction

Buy your Elephant Sketch Canvas Reproduction here. This sweet nursery canvas art is the perfect way to welcome home baby! This kid's canvas reproduction features an adorable sketch

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Kit Chase is the illustrator and her site is called Trafalgarssquare on Etsy. The CUTEST illustrations!