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*Applies for architecture job*. Experience: building houses on <i>The Sims</i> since 2001.

19 Tumblr Posts About "The Sims" Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

*applies for architecture job* Experience: building houses on The Sims since

16 Photos That Prove "The Sims" Is The Weirdest Fucking Game

16 Photos That Prove "The Sims" Is The Weirdest Fucking Game

And this slightly less evil but still pretty evil plan: 16 Photos That Prove "The Sims" Is The Weirdest Fucking Game

what if the story starts with this? - Google Search

The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

I learned it because my mom would label my random bins of toys when I was little with 'miscellaneous' lmao

13 times the Sims was better than real life.

Can your Sims save files be used against you in court? View Times The Sims Was Better Than Real Life" and more funny posts on Dorkly

3d one story house plans - In stead of study I'll make it another bedroom

50 One “1” Bedroom Apartment/House Plans

A one bedroom apartment fit for an executive, this one bedroom and one bathroom apartment features it's own private office, a large…

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The Sims always makes for interesting stories hahah << once I accidently drowned two of my children in a pool due to not giving them a way to get out of it.<< for a second I was really concerned that you were talking about your actual children 😳

So you could buy ant-people and make them infest your enemy's house of course.

Ants, ants and ants

Ants, ants and ants - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

I want a sims just so I can witness this stuff

Photo-Booth Death

Funny pictures about Photo-Booth Death. Oh, and cool pics about Photo-Booth Death. Also, Photo-Booth Death photos.

The perfect opportunity appears...

Funny pictures about The perfect opportunity appears. Oh, and cool pics about The perfect opportunity appears. Also, The perfect opportunity appears.

Does anything, like, normal ever happen in <i>The Sims</i>?

Book Review - Fire Pool by David E Owen

Omg ive never played the sims but i watch alot of other people play it and its crazy

Exactly "if I ever died" I ain't going down unless the grim reaper himself comes and drags my old body with humans even then I'll probably kill him with my amazing sword before he can take me so there. Idk where I just went with that I don't even think there is a grim reaper where did I hear that anyways probably the sims but I don't play the sims... my life

Burst with excitement!

Yes, IF, they could very well become a Time Lord<<< pinning in doctor because of description

Sims Logic

15 Ways The Sims Are Just Like You

Because You can escape prison using a tomato. Or better yet An apple seed Which I happened to have in my pocket one time cause my chick did something or another to get sent to prison