The intensity and intimacy of these images show the growth and strain the human body is put through,

Photography Sketchbook Ideas – 16 Inspirational Examples

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and generally the most under appreciated. Aside for cosmetic reasons, people don’t really take care of their skin. The health benefits to maintaining a healthy epidermis can help increase your overall health.

Lucy Glendinning- Skins 2011

Lucy Glendinning is a sculptor and installation artist, who works in a contemporary British sculpture tradition.

Watercolour cheat sheet - discoveries in mixing skin-tones. I try to find paints that make it faster/easier to mix skin colours. The one I have most success with is “

ARTS THREAD Profile - ARTS THREAD, melted plastic, by Amy Kelly

Amy Kelly - ArtsThread Profile

Amazing art in Juxtapoz by Lucy Glendinning. It looks like a rubber catsuit.

Lucy Glendinning's Feather Children

Skins - Lucy Glendinning People shed their skins, and leave them crumpled and glossy on the wall.

The story of how one brave Willem de Kooning student was able to get around Instagram's censorship.

'Second Skin' Sculptures #FreeTheNipple in an Artful Way