Slender Man will forever be a fear of mine. Good lord..

Slender Man will forever be a fear of mine. I pinned this picture because I want the evil creature to look like slender man and I want to capture the raw fear that this creepypasta creature gives off

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love pretty art Black and White Cool beautiful creepy horror dark goth gothic I believe it is slenderman

um-this-is-awkward: “ ⓍTHEOPERATORⓍ ”

Request: If requests are still open, can I request Slender/reader? You can write it in any context, but if you could make them oblivious to the other pastas/proxies shipping them like hell, it would.

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Slenderman is the very first creepypasta I heard about by my Stepsis. She knows nothing about CreepyPasta, but she knows about Slender. First time I heard of him, I literally shook in my bed that night(We were camping)!

Slender Man. why follow him  when he's fake seriously??

Who Is Slender Man & Why Is He Inspiring Children To Attempt To Kill?

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