In case I needed more proof that I was a Slytherin

In case I needed more proof that I was a Slytherin // what's strange is that I'm technically ravenclaw but I relate to all the slytherin things

T a l k S e r p e n t T o M e

peyton and vinny assigned them. hell do what it takes to get what he wants whether in soccer or when it comes to the people he loves

AS A HUFFLEPUFF, I FIND THIS HILARIOUS<< As a Hufflepuff I find this quite offensive to Hufflepuffs

I'm a gryffindor and I'm nothing like this it's really insulting. Also not all slytherins hate gryffindors. My sister is a slytherin and we are best friends.

votingmod: Sorting Cheat Sheets

Im glad i got sorted into slytherin. I also feel bad for the slytherins too because they have always been hated. But, the slytherin house has ALWAYS been my favourite :)

Slytherin cat

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