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This application will scan and remove software that may cause problems with Chrome, such as crashes, unusual startup pages or toolbars, unexpected ads you can't get rid of, or otherwise changing your browsing experience.

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Download Malicious Software Removal Tool from Official Microsoft Download Center

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We're no strangers to unwanted toolbars and browser-hijacking malware. Neither is Google. The company has released a tool that helps combat the problem by scanning for bad software and (optionally) resetting your browser if it's misbehaving.

Google's Software Removal Tool Removes Crapware, Resets Your Browser

This Software Removal Tool can be thought of as a last resort, nuclear option for fixing Chrome without completely reinstalling Windows.

What is the Malicious Software Removal Tool and Do I Need It?

Once a month, a new version of the Malicious Software Removal tool appears in Windows Update. This tool removes some malware from Windows systems, particularly those systems without antivirus programs installed.

Malicious Software Removal Tool

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Windows 10 is the official name for Microsoft's next version of Windows

6 Reasons The Guy Who's Fixing Your Computer Hates You

Speedup Chrome with Google software removal tool

Speedup Chrome with Google software removal tool

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Malicious Software Removal Tool in Windows 10 - Techulator

Malicious Software Removal Tool helps remove critical subset of malware infections from your computer. Though MRT is not a replacement to your existing antivirus, however in some cases this tool saves you from reinstalling the Windows.

we are providing Software Removal Tool is used for malware removal.

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