He looks to his queen not for approval but to test her. Will she back him?  She nods not because he expects it, but because she is able to know his mind in that moment because she is just as alpha as he is. Lord is she turned on, right there. Note his expression when she does.

The anti-Islamization movement is full of fighters. People willing to confront scary facts. People willing to speak up, stand t.

300 King of Sparta XXL

300 King of Sparta XXL

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Herodotus's Histories dealt with the clash of civilisations – east v west. Translator Tom Holland argues that the father of history is not only hugely entertaining but has an amazing capacity to renew himself

This is Sparta 300 King Leonidas

SPARTAN RACE OBSTACLES & PREP: Spartans must traverse a single rope that is hung horizontally between two posts or trees. The rope is hung over a body of water, so if comp.