Cycle Playlist #23

Cycle Playlist #23

Curious about trying one of those notorious Spinning classes? Here’s what you need to know, whether you’re taking a Spinning class for the first time or the 50th time.

What to Expect from a Spinning Class

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An Introduction to the Spinning Program

An Introduction to the Spinning Program

Learn how to find something you are passionate about and be tremendously interested in it. This wonderful article describes just everything about passions in life.

Spin your way to slim with this intense and challenging cycling workout plan. You'll definitely be feeling the afterburn for a few days.

Spin to Slim Workout Plan

This spin workout burns 350 calories! Get your cardio in with this fun and intense routine that you can do by yourself or with a group! Get results and feel the burn with our great spin workout!

About the Spinning Program Map

Spinning is more than a name. It’s a global mission to provide people of all ages and abilities the chance to achieve their fitness goals.

Upper body workout

Shoulder Workout: Endurance Burnout + Strength Exercises

Shoulder Workout - low weight/high rep endurance rounds mixed with heavier strength circuits (Fast Diet Low Carb)

I am so excited about this post because I created a spin playlist! No, I am not teaching spin (but I am tempted to get certified like this lady just did), but my hubby took his first spin class on …

for tomorrow maybe? Spin/Cycle Playlist- Good Idea but new playlist :) Check out this website: