St. Bernard Puppy. Too Cute! Probably is as big as my Queensland! Lol #BigDog

A Saint Bernard pup. Known for being the second best dog breed that are wonderful with children and babies.

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10 Of The Cutest Hybrid Dog Breeds That Got The Best Of Both Worlds

Do Saint Bernards Shed? Yes, Saint Bernards shed. It is said that the Saint Bernards shed enough to make a wool blanket out of them!

Beethoven reminds me of a dog named Bruce that my family had when I was a kid. Bruce was like a big old teddy bear. His favorite thing to do was to lay his big head in the doorway so we could pet him.

Saint Bernard Dogs, Thinking about getting one when I'm older! In loving memory of my great uncle John and his love so these dogs!

St.Bernards...I've wanted one forever!!! I love them!!!

Bernard's Evan doesn't want any small dogs- I think we can agree this one's not "small.

South Africa Saint Bernard Puppies (St Bernard) READY NOW!!!!8 ...

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Majestic looking St. Bernard. I want to Hug, kiss, and play with one!!!<3

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