Neighborhood Stroll.   Like the hat, especially the bow in back.    I often like the clean simplicity of circular hats on women.   It's simply harder to design a nice non-circular hat.    A circular shape keeps the eye's focus on the face and hair, not so much on the hat itself.   There are wonderful exceptions, but even in those, the lines tend to be clean and simple, so as not to draw too much attention to the hat.

Neighborhood Stroll (Flashes of Style)

the Biggest educational plot twist yet - - Public Displays of Fail - Unfriendable

I kinda wanna be a highschool teacher and organize something like this now

L'ecole des Femmes St. Trinians School Girl Pleated Skirt

St. Trinian's School Girl Pleated Skirt

'St Trinian's' Films 2

Rupert Everett in 'St Trinian's' Films 2

Be authentic, be yourself till the end! Camilla Fritton (Rupert Everett) 'St Trinian's' 1 and 2 Films (funny films!

Kelly Jones - Gemma Arterton - St Trinian's, The Legend of Fritton's Gold 2009

Arterton starred in the action horror film Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters as Gretel opposite actor Jeremy Renner who played Hansel.

Ronald Searle

Ronald Searle was taken on as an office boy by a local solicitor who terminated his employment when he found that his new recruit had been employing his time drawing cartoons on the firm's best-quality paper.

Recently watched st trinians.. love the blouse that Annabel was wearing as a posh totty

Recently watched st trinians. love the blouse that Annabel was wearing as a posh totty

Tamsin Egerton in St Trinians

She is the main Posh Totty in the great films St Trinians and St Trinians She has always been a hair muse of mine as she has the fullest.