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Whimsy I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music. – Joan Miro by j nesy by tveskov by .

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steampunktendencies: “ Huge LEGO steampunk wheel keeps the ship rollin’ “ This LEGO steampunk galleon by Chris Wright fits the genre perfectly — a huge steam-powered mega-wheel with a central ship.

Der Goliath: side view | One of Dr von Shrapnell's most impr… | Flickr

One of Dr von Shrapnell's most impressive weapon is the Goliath: a large armored monowheel armed with two steamolite ray-cannons and taking four crew members. Able to go up to the amazing speed of 49 miles per hour!

This tumblr is mostly about large models made of LEGO bricks (not so much things with LEGO mini-figures). Description from I searched for this on

It may seem an incongruous combination but legions of LEGO-maniacs have employed the versatile bricks to create stunning scenes of plasticized steampunk glory.

<b>Imagination doesn't need pre-fabricated sets!</b> It's easy to see why some of these fan builds have won awards at the annual BrickCon.

A horseless carriage!

Steampunk Airship in Lego.

LEGO SteamPunk Airship Looks like a sticker-less Expedition Balloon Wish they came back.

Steampunk LEGO carriage: Instructions at Rebrickable

LEGO Set Oliver's Marvellous Self-moving Carriage - building instructions and parts list. Year: Parts: Tags: moc technic

Victorian behemoth oozes steam and charm in equal measure | The Brothers Brick | LEGO Blog

Okay, so we’re kind of Moko fanboys round here, but this fabulous steampunk mech was too good not to feature. Wonderful shaping, brilliantly clanky and functional-looking joints, and a nice …