Dynamic steel sculptures by Regardt van der Meulen

Regardt van der Meulen – Unravel - 2013 „I used steel and concrete as a medium which are usually associated with the impression of unmoving strength. I sculpted each figure in a way that creates the notion that they are incomplete, melting or being pulle

Hyperbolic Paraboloid Arch Tall Short Rec Base (Sculpture) by Jerry Sanders This is a stainless steel sculpture with a stianless steel base.

cool Corten Steel: 50 Very Trendy Garden Decor Ideas Want to transform your garden into a pleasant and modern outdoor space? Consult our ideas of decoration with steel corten, a very trendy material!

George Papadimas Pt.II

Untitled Paired Quarter Sequence by Australian visual artist, George Papadimas.

Stainless steel Abstract Contemporary or Modern Outdoor Outside Exterior Garden / Yard sculpture statuary sculpture by sculptor Thomas Joynes titled: 'Flight (stainless Steel garden/Yard abstract Modern Outdoor statue)' - Artwork View 2

Steel Sculpture or Statues made from Metal Rods or Bars sculpture by sculptor Toby Short titled: 'virtual woman (Caryatid Big Steel Armature female/Girl sculpture/statue)'

large abstract forged steel sculpture for CC Golden Harvest,. Steel, found copper leaf, ( this is very cool )

Mild Steel Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor sculpture by sculptor Peter M Clarke titled: 'Leaf Form II (Big Contemporary Metal Leaf garden/Yard statue/sculpture)' - Artwork View 2