Steve Dillon poster art for 'Preacher' - all-time favorite comic.

Steve Dillon, Iconic Preacher And Punisher Artist, Has Died

The Punisher vs. The Kingpin.

The Punisher as he was meant to be. Probably the first decent Punisher book in FOREVER.

#Preacher by Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon - There’s a whole lot of blasphemy, some wonderfully dark and realistic artwork and a foul-mouthed Irish vampire thrown in for good measure. Bringing a whole new meaning to the concept of “searching for God”, Ennis’ wonderfully witty and devastatingly grim comic series is demented, irreverent and unmistakably uproarious. Quentin Tarantino with a Western vibe, Preacher is a gripping and confrontational read.

Preacher (Jesse Custer, Tulip & Cassidy) by Glenn Fabry - One of my all-time favorite comic series.

PREACHER 3 Garth EnnisSteve DillonJesse CusterThe Saint

PREACHER 3 Garth EnnisSteve DillonJesse CusterThe Saint

Comics artist Steve Dillon has enjoyed a long and storied career, stretching back to his much-beloved work on U.K. sci-fi title, 2000AD.

Artist Steve Dillon talks 'Preacher': 'We had letters from jail'

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A live-action version of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher comic book may finally be realized. Read on after the jump for the excerpt. Based on Ennis and Steve Dillon’s […]