Cliff Spenger takes a stroll in one of his leafy outfits. The Californian visits American Renaissance fairs regularly.

Ent or enchanted tree costume

These incredible Treant characters bring magic and wonder to any event. Towering over you, these amazing giant tree creatures never fail to create wonder and gasps of awe where ever they go.  These incredibly detailed stilt costumes are the perfect addition to any event, especially those themed around nature, magic and fairy tales.

Treants are Treemendous Stilt Walking Giant Tree Creatures from Bristol who will create gasps of wonder at any Woodland or Festival Themed Event!

Circus Stilt Walker - Clown - Juggling - Hula Hoop -

Circus Stilt Walker - Clown - Juggling - Hula Hoop -

Puppet stilt walkers! #circus #halloween #ideas

Our Spooky Puppeteer and Puppet is the perfect walkabout act to engage any audience at any event. Our stilt walker is available for hire for corporate functions, Halloween parties and much more in London & the UK.

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A living nature stilts company from Holland Ref: Price range: 1000 to 3000 euros (on top of logistic costs)