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A Look into Your Soul

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Life is Strange.                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

For anyone who hasnt played this, please do its honestly amazing and the soundtrack it great

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Sculptures by Ishibashi Yui

Tokyo-based artist Ishibashi Yui& sculptures are unsettling and beautiful. Her figures seem to have submitted to the plants and branches protrudi.

Check out omertasdemir's  image on #PicsArt  Create your own for free

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Check out omertasdemir's image on #PicsArt Create your own for free

Artist: Jessica Joslin.. she completely blows me away with every piece. A truely unique twist on taxidermy art.

Taxidermy art

Jesscia Joslin: This is for the taxidermy fans. I like how she makes organic skeletons into steampunk mechanical creations. Kind of a bit android, with a turn of the century belle epoque feel)

Rabbit mask by Nymla at

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Rabbit mask by Nymla // Surrealism is my favorite cultural movement. Not only is it still common but it can be manipulated with anything and anyone. This eerie, and creepy photo captures the confusion as to why a rabbit would wear a mask.

Pigs are good company but sometimes sort of smelly!

Painting Death

"The chocolate donut" - Fred Einaudi, oil on canvas (seated woman wearing gas mask with chained pigs and pigeon painting)

Take a Picture...? by on @DeviantArt

take a picture and go back in time - life is strange by valentinaocchiblu

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“ Leslie Ann O'Dell is a visual artist most known for photo-illustration. O’Dell’s work is comprised of haunting imagery… Ranging from dark imposing landscapes to mystifying portraitures, that evoke.

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M&TC: Woman Crush Wednesday “Leonora Carrington OBE April 1917 – 25 May was a British-born–Mexican artist, surrealist painter, and novelist. She lived most of her adult life in Mexico City,.