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White Brick Wall Texture Interior Background Design Ideas and Remodel

STUCCO: Stucco is more of a permanent wall treatment than paint, wallpaper, etc. It adds texture and character to the wall and can be painted any color. A stucco wall is appropriate for this space as the furniture and decorations are simple. This type of treatment is also commonly used on the exteriors of homes.

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Blue sofa with grey walls and distressed pale wood. Styling by Lotta Agaton / Art Direction by Therese Sennerholt / Photography by Pia Ulin Imagery via H

stuko | By Applying Stucco You Can Change the Look of Your Home's Exterior ...

You can completely change the look of your home exterior, by applying exterior Stucco. This is a great way to improve the unsatisfying look of your home's

5th and state - Venetian plaster (Marmorina Veneziano) made with crushed marble and lime putty.  Waterproof and antibacterial = great for bathrooms.

Beautiful Faux Effects Plaster by Lynnette Wright. So in love with the placement and colors Contemporary home, metallic wall paper,

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Did you know that stucco comes in a variety of textures? Textured stucco adds visual interest, depth, and character to interior and exterior surfaces.

19 Interiors With Spellbinding Ceiling Beams via @domainehome

19 Interiors With Spellbinding Ceiling Beams

for the love of a house: the barn room: details

Simple Fireplace (Barn Room--Stain is an 8 to 1 mixture using Minwax Wood Finish. 8 parts Provincial to 1 part Golden Oak)