Firefly - River

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What do you think of Summer Glau as Mara Jade? (x/post from r/firefly)

"Awesome idea - Summer Glau as Mara Jade. Awesome-er idea-Summer Glau as Jaina Solo, cause Mara Jade will have to be old enough to look normal next to Mark Hamill. Summer as anyone in SW.

Messy Wavy Hair. Love Summer Glau!

Best Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair – My Top 10

Summer Glau celebrity actress asymmetrical female face portrait #headshot #famous_people

Summer Glau celebrity actress asymmetrical female face portrait #headshot #famous_people

River Tam

The 38 Hottest Summer Glau Pictures of All Time

womenwithswords: “ Summer Glau as River Tam in Serenity. I actually saw Serenity first. I kept expecting her to kick more ass during Firefly.

Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles - screenshot 17

Terminator: As Crónicas de Sarah Connor (2008-2009)

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I can not wait for this womans inevitable guest appearance on agents of shield

Summer Glau (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)(Signed at Wizard World Philadelphia