GALPIN FORD GTR1 $1,024,000: The guys at Galpin Auto Sports went and made the Ford GT into a truly-modern super car, the Galpin Ford GTR1. Based on the GT's original chassis, the 1024-HP GTR1 has been completely reworked.

2015 Galpin Ford GTR1

GALPIN FORD Based on the GT's original chassis, the has been completely reworked.

1994 Jaguar XJ220S TWR. One of the best, and most forgotten about super cars ever. The car to beat, before "Hyper Cars" became the term, and before the McClaren F1, this car was unstoppable.

The Lexus LFA

Não existe um carro que não possa ser customizado. Jaguar S TWR sheesh

The new Ford GT supercar is breathtaking in a 'liquid silver' paint job. Click for more. #autoawesome

Canadian Auto Network Pin: The new Ford GT supercar is breathtaking in a 'liquid silver' paint

Jaw-dropping tiffany blue Aventador. Buy it today... #carart #SupercarSunday #spon

056 Lamborghini - Aventador Super Car Racing Car concept 25"x14" Poster

Jaw-dropping tiffany blue Aventador I love the bright color and blue is my favourite color!

Shelby SuperCars Next Generation  price: $ 1.100.000

The new SSC Ultimate Aero II has been projected with a well-defined purpose: to beat Super Sport Bugatti Veyron top speed record. The new American supercar SSC Ultimate Aero II, announced a few months as a result of the creative […]

Green GT, don't look green to me & when I followed pin led me nowhere, but, it is awesome!

Image via Lada Raven Concept Car Image via Dolphin concept car is the third winner of Michelin design challenge it reflects the principle of sporty, scientific and futuristic. Cars on