Oh Dean! The way he screams, and the expression on his face, was the best! -Season 4, Episode 6, "Yellow Fever"

Awesome Dean is Awesome

That is so funny! Jared Padeleki and Jensen Ackles yellow fever. This is seriously one if the funniest scenes ever. Supernatural This was one of my fav. episodes ever

Supernatural Scene Season 4

Supernatural Scene Season 4 <<< Look at Sam's face! Like yes I am a Teddy Bear doctors how can I help?

Supernatural castiel said he's got this

Yes Jimmy, just put your hand in a pot of boiling water because a voice from the sky told you to. When Castiel was trying to gain Jimmy Novak's trust it just made him look like a loony.

[gifset] 4x17 It's a Terrible Life I like this episode because they were both so innocent and dean didn't have to be all big brotherly and awww

[gifset] It's a Terrible Life ---I'm sorry, but can we all just appreciate how green Jared's eyes look here

4x17 It's a Terrible Life #SPN #Sam and #Dean

I love how in this episode it had to be Sammy who had to drag Dean back into the world of hunting and to who they really are